utorak, 28. srpnja 2009.

Demonic Doctrine

Roads from the past, are interwoven and can not be changed . But you can redeem them by the roads which you are taking next. Atone for your body, is an act that body will do, to atone for your soul is faith and desire for Aloim.

Rev: What is Aloim?
P(ossessed): It is a question that will accompany you until your last day on earth, the question that never will be understandable, a mystery that will outlive everything.
Rev: Next question is Satan and Aloim?
P: Satan is on earth but not of the earth, God is on earth but not of the eartth. Aloim is everything. God and Satan, that which is of earth and that which is not.
Rev: And who are you?
P: I am We, and We are Legion. We are what we are just as much as the same as we are not. We exist and we are at the same time and the fruit of your imagination and we will be here until your heart wants us to. You call to us, invocate, irritate, you are looking for us and than spit on us, and we do not want to be what we are and also neither do you, in fact, you do not even want us to exist. If you hate us so much, why then do you have so many interests in us? Why do you invoke us if you are so afraid of us? How can you be afraid of us if you do not even believe in us? Stop calling us Legion and Legion will no longer be. Stop us calling demons, and we will no longer be. Our only sin is the desire for suicide, our only desire is to regaine our wings back. Think a bit, if we do not want any harm for ourselves, then why would we possesse people when we know that we will be driven out? We do not want to be what we are. It is what you want! We want peace. Only you can give us back our wings, what was the beginning for you, to us it was the end. Now all that we want is that the beginning of the end, finnaly ends . Alpha and Omega: Aloim

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