petak, 3. srpnja 2009.

Open letter

Open Letter
Mysterium Aloim is a Satanic organizations that have long years of operating successfully in the region of former Yugoslavia. In the beginning it was only for selected people, and hiding its existence. People who like to be introduced were so with exceptional caution for fear of exposure. How is the organization a little more bluming and developed, and after her leadership took over a priest named Father Marlus, where the leadership was waiting for him since his earlier days, because he was prepared for this role, he brought many changes. Most of the changes were made to better preserve anonymity of our priests and people, anonymity of our high priest and supreme. Also some of the changes were to come out from underground and publish the existence of us to people and to prepare to defend their beliefs. To protect the status of a priest which must learn and earn the calling for themselve. We made, what we announced that there are schools for the clergy, which lasted 4 years, for reasons that priests must have a large knowledge. Today we have an organization that respects life, living, freedom and tolerance and is proud to be called satanic because Satan is the symbol of absolute freedom, and freedom which to walk the trail that leads to perfection and knowledge of knowing that God is Aloim and that is what all that is and one, that all that exists in existence, and in our imagination is a living organism that we call Aloim but not one that can only define but also through his life know and feel.

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