nedjelja, 26. srpnja 2009.

Demonic Doctrine

When you reach such a huge knowledge that Aloim enters your being, you become the perfectly aware of your earthly life. This is not something that can be explained by words, but must be felt spiritualy. Also you start to understand the areas of good and evil, and when they are understood, which is that good and evil actually reach the world from the people themselves, you become conscious about which acts you will do out through life, good or evil. For if you expose yourselves to evil and spending it, ony then you are condemned.

All what you have done and you know that it is wrong, is the best closer definition of sin and is the only "sin" that people do. If you can straighten those bad deeds you become spiritually free. And if you still do "sin" you will start to despise watching and begin to hate yourselves and will sink in ruin.

One of the greatest knowledges is a true faith in eternal life of the human soul. Through this faith, it is quite normal to doubt and to question it no matter how you show yourselves great in faith. That is not bad for it is in human nature to doubt and questions. And also is easy to doubt because this life is close to death, but to know the true faith, to know Aloim is truly a special spiritual experience and a gift. When you would have by thoughts, words and heart, believe in eternal life and that in eternity with us, are coming the consequences of our way of life, sometimes good and sometimes bad, life on earth really would be changed. Fear of death would disappear and with it, the need for religion because people would come to realize that death is just a physical liberation that leads into the eternal.

In Aloim, therefore, does not exist something that embodies good and evil, there is no definition for it, no boundaries that separates them so that you are on one or the other side. Good and evil is a product of humans and their works. There is no Devil, who is a god of evil, or the Jehovah who is the God of goodness and mercy. Evidence to this are the various world cultures, because all of those differently describe God and the Devil, which means that there are thousands names for them. These names have been given to them by people, and in art, people have given them faces.

Frighteningly is the knowledge that shows you how much power over you have the imaginary gods. They teach you that you are now on earth which is a passing life and only after death you will join with the eternal. While the real truth is that our eternal life started since the day of our birth. They are planting you lies and illusion, and thus those who are called their priests get control over your lives. A rule Aloims priest is to serve people and not to be appointed next to, or above the people.

To people it is very difficult to defend themselves from the ancient doctrine that smears human soul and starves it in the way that you dont even know it. These doctrines distance the people from Aloim, condemnes the soul to life within the limits that were set by other people and sets it inside the borders that those doctrines teach about. In Aloim, there are no boundaries, everything is one, indivisible and eternal.

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