utorak, 28. srpnja 2009.

Demonic Doctrine

Roads from the past, are interwoven and can not be changed . But you can redeem them by the roads which you are taking next. Atone for your body, is an act that body will do, to atone for your soul is faith and desire for Aloim.

Rev: What is Aloim?
P(ossessed): It is a question that will accompany you until your last day on earth, the question that never will be understandable, a mystery that will outlive everything.
Rev: Next question is Satan and Aloim?
P: Satan is on earth but not of the earth, God is on earth but not of the eartth. Aloim is everything. God and Satan, that which is of earth and that which is not.
Rev: And who are you?
P: I am We, and We are Legion. We are what we are just as much as the same as we are not. We exist and we are at the same time and the fruit of your imagination and we will be here until your heart wants us to. You call to us, invocate, irritate, you are looking for us and than spit on us, and we do not want to be what we are and also neither do you, in fact, you do not even want us to exist. If you hate us so much, why then do you have so many interests in us? Why do you invoke us if you are so afraid of us? How can you be afraid of us if you do not even believe in us? Stop calling us Legion and Legion will no longer be. Stop us calling demons, and we will no longer be. Our only sin is the desire for suicide, our only desire is to regaine our wings back. Think a bit, if we do not want any harm for ourselves, then why would we possesse people when we know that we will be driven out? We do not want to be what we are. It is what you want! We want peace. Only you can give us back our wings, what was the beginning for you, to us it was the end. Now all that we want is that the beginning of the end, finnaly ends . Alpha and Omega: Aloim

ponedjeljak, 27. srpnja 2009.

Demonic Doctrine

The greatest most heroic act, is to fight and suffer for your faith or belief, but if it does not deviate from justice, the human soul in this moment laughs at death.

If you feel your soul and believe that it is in your body, then point her life towards to the existence of spiritual health so that you could be able to find eternal life in Aloim. And if your life was in accordance with Aloim you can grow spiritually, and at the time of death you can comprehand community with Aloim.

If you like to dress according to the historic and true godliness, then Satan must be understood as metafore of evil which are made by the people or historically as the angel who is near God, because in the past even before Christ, Satan was so. That which led Satan to the throne of evil, darkness and hell are just people and your polluted evolution of religion.

If you learn to live in accordance with Aloim, understanding and feeling it; and feeling the connectivity of all people and knowing that all that exists is one, meens that you have the necessary wisdom and knowledge to teach your children the spiritual ways and not as slaves of the material world. Because materialism starts from when you are little and then it develops. As your children grow up you need to learn them how not to be reigned by the material world in entirely. People must be moderate in him. By moderate indulgence of physical sensations, you are also indulging your spiritual sensations. Excessive indulgence leeds to social and spiritual decadence. But always keep in mind that the material world is transient, and the spiritual world is eternal. If you subordinate your body to the strict obedience to Aloim, in time you will start to understand that Aloim manages your body, because the body is controled by your spirit, and Aloim is also the human spirit.

nedjelja, 26. srpnja 2009.

Demonic Doctrine

When you reach such a huge knowledge that Aloim enters your being, you become the perfectly aware of your earthly life. This is not something that can be explained by words, but must be felt spiritualy. Also you start to understand the areas of good and evil, and when they are understood, which is that good and evil actually reach the world from the people themselves, you become conscious about which acts you will do out through life, good or evil. For if you expose yourselves to evil and spending it, ony then you are condemned.

All what you have done and you know that it is wrong, is the best closer definition of sin and is the only "sin" that people do. If you can straighten those bad deeds you become spiritually free. And if you still do "sin" you will start to despise watching and begin to hate yourselves and will sink in ruin.

One of the greatest knowledges is a true faith in eternal life of the human soul. Through this faith, it is quite normal to doubt and to question it no matter how you show yourselves great in faith. That is not bad for it is in human nature to doubt and questions. And also is easy to doubt because this life is close to death, but to know the true faith, to know Aloim is truly a special spiritual experience and a gift. When you would have by thoughts, words and heart, believe in eternal life and that in eternity with us, are coming the consequences of our way of life, sometimes good and sometimes bad, life on earth really would be changed. Fear of death would disappear and with it, the need for religion because people would come to realize that death is just a physical liberation that leads into the eternal.

In Aloim, therefore, does not exist something that embodies good and evil, there is no definition for it, no boundaries that separates them so that you are on one or the other side. Good and evil is a product of humans and their works. There is no Devil, who is a god of evil, or the Jehovah who is the God of goodness and mercy. Evidence to this are the various world cultures, because all of those differently describe God and the Devil, which means that there are thousands names for them. These names have been given to them by people, and in art, people have given them faces.

Frighteningly is the knowledge that shows you how much power over you have the imaginary gods. They teach you that you are now on earth which is a passing life and only after death you will join with the eternal. While the real truth is that our eternal life started since the day of our birth. They are planting you lies and illusion, and thus those who are called their priests get control over your lives. A rule Aloims priest is to serve people and not to be appointed next to, or above the people.

To people it is very difficult to defend themselves from the ancient doctrine that smears human soul and starves it in the way that you dont even know it. These doctrines distance the people from Aloim, condemnes the soul to life within the limits that were set by other people and sets it inside the borders that those doctrines teach about. In Aloim, there are no boundaries, everything is one, indivisible and eternal.

subota, 25. srpnja 2009.

Demonic Doctrine

One of the goals of life is to be torned off from the lies that propagate the religion, because it will cost to pay your travel paths. Ways you are living, select on your own do not listen to an imaginary religions and their false gods. Find God in yourself. Aloim.

It is known that the man lived for another thousand years before the formation of religion. What today they teach is that the people of that age lived under the rule of Satan praying to the pagan gods. This is of course a pure lie and something that historically can not be true. How then could reign Satan when it was not known, nor his name? And later it was the pagan gods dispelled in demonic and that is the work of human hands and false teaching.

When you take an imaginary deity, it manages your life and your emotions, tells you how to behave, how to speak and think as to what that holy, what and when to eat and how to, and in which quantities, and the later reign your instinct. Here is a man totally trapped and not more in touch with oneself. People, break the chains of false gods, learn yourselves, and get control over your lives.

When you keep repeating your mistakes, you are gradually beeing separated from yourselves so that your mistakes and sins become the curtain that separates you from your soul and only in such moments a man wants to find God and that is wrong! Just then a man should begin to seek himself.

Throught many years, aloim has become little bit near to human knowledge. In every generation, someone is born, who without any trouble can reach up to the earlier set of borders and move them. You call them saints, prophets, magi, and other names. They teached about Aloim but only under a new name and the rules that were later set to come, after their death, were put by people who saw in them the benefit of their targeted groups of people. Here we come to the greed. Pohlepa je snazna i mocna sila koja navodi ljude da cine stvari koje im nisu uvijek po volji. Greed is a strong and powerful force which makes people do the things that they are not always pleased with. Things that are equivalent to sin.

nedjelja, 5. srpnja 2009.

Demonic Doctrine

Through the demonic possessions, demons have throughout the centuries brought knowledge to people. Demonic possessions in this modern era are considerably reduced, for their mediation is no longer needed, because people do exactly what they wanted you to do, and we even went a step forward and retrieve their role in the world.

Modern technology, medicine, astronomy, physics and other scientific fields, once they were shown as a doctrine that demons bring unto the world. Thus, in the demonology every demon lords his own world, starting from demon to demon, feelings of various sciences, those are the deeds that people took over from the demons, thus there is no longer a need for that kind of deity. Reading about the social order of demons, their management, work and knowledge, all things that demons had, you can learne that today we have just the same.

Men have groan to deity and became God, just as it was told to happen in many books. Going into the future, because people's love for the material, you made a mistake by going back to the past, far beyond in the past where we were managed by our primordial instinct, and by that act you have forgotten about your spirituality and your soul.

Instead of walking your way through to its finish, people run to it blindly, even when asome of that „runners“ looses their sou on the way they do not notice or just don't care for it, so then, just an empty and dry body continues to run away, to enjoy all that it can meet on that road. Empty and dry easily breaks and falls into oblivion. We have renounced the gods and made a mistake, however, the deity is necessary for men. Now, in order to save us we need knowledge t but not about the world, that we have plenty, and what we don't have will come to us eventualy. We need to have the knowledge of our souls, we should know about ourselves.

We are here. Watching you since your birth, we know what you want even when you do not want it and many times you do not want something just because somone else demands it from you. And what are you afraid of? And the second is similar to you, you are of the same kind so don't you want the same things that he or she also wants? Don't be afraid of anyone, except yourself, your life is your life and no one has the right to take it away, except yourselves. Also, the way that you can take life, you can give life as well

Creation is something you learn your entire life, and what about destruction? Well, that is something you are born with. Destruction is strong because the power is yours by birth, and age gives it it's strength. It is up to you to learn through life to turn the power of destruction into the power of creation, so your creations will be heavenly.

If you create life bless it or give it to priest for blessing. A blessing is as follows:
Take it in your hands, you or a priest, and let theese words be spoken:
I call upon the wind of a demon Pymon to bless this unconscious mind.
His blessing is the hand of the light bringer, may it bring light to every life.

Take care of the priests, they are your path to us, to deity.
A priest is also this little hack, and keep close to you what he wrote, believe it and do not doubt it, for what is written comes from us.
A priest will be the first to give life for you.
A priest would not lie to you, he will not hurt you or offend you.
A priest will not eat nor drink nor sleep while your soul is not with peace.
A priest can not ask for anything in return.
A priest can not say no to anyone, never.
A priest knows compassion but only for the living and not for the dead. The Dead come second.
A priest admits all the names and can not see colors or labels.
A priest is not bigger than you, he goes where you can not, but he goes for you.
Do not judge the priest for his mistakes, he can not judge you.
A priest is also a human, his golden rule is to never give up on you.
A priest is your weapon, which is fighting for you, but you also have to fight for him.
A priest will never come first to you, you must get to him.
A priest must give you the most holy in humans: thoughts, words and heart. If you give them the same you will achieve unity with him and do not worry; against you, he can never use your knowledge. Otherwise hi or she is no longer a priest.
A priest can not share your thoughts with anyone.
A priest you use as they are your home

subota, 4. srpnja 2009.

Demonic Doctrine - Deity II

Usually people who study Catholic Bible primarily should learn Aramaic language and citations in its original language. Many of this work. The whole Bible was not until today decoded but what everyone agrees is that the wrongly translated. Lucifer is actually non-existent and will be imaginary. In the Bible the name Lucifer is mentioned only once. And yet came thousands and thousands of thesis about him. Today there are even churches in honor of him.
When the translation of the Bible began, it was from one language to another and from the second to the third and so on. And is normally much more wrong redirected. Some bible experts belive that the part in the Bible about Lucifer is not about Lucifer The Archangel but one fallen son of a king. Otherwise the king so loved his son, and had so much confidence in him that when the son lapsed, rebelled from his father and his wealth that he banished him from his Kingdom forever. Lucifer in translation means the one who brings light. The name of the king in the translation means morning star. A problems with the translation also apeared because the morning star comes with a person of Jesis Christ.
Satan in translation means adversary. Each mather in nature must have its anti-mather, so God has his own Anti-god. So Satan is actually the opposite of the god JHVH (Jehovah).
According the demonic doctrine parts about Satan, Lucifer and demons should not be taken litarally, but through learning, people can store the knowledge about them inside us and over the years and the experience can begin to understand the right meaning, similar as Gnosis.
The difference between all in this world is made by people, because of the way you relate to the unknown, when the unknown comes close to you. If people began to understand that everything is one, and the same idea, and that comes from the same source, things would begin to change. Demonic doctrine translates it in the sense that Lucifer, Satan and Demons are in fact one deity. The Catholic Church and many others to call it anti-deity, Antichrist. During years, good ideas has turned into something horribly which people began to fear, avoid, and ultimately destroy. This story is known is it not? Lucifer a beautiful angel who brings the light, turned into something very ugly in the absolute evil - Satan? So what is the difference between Lucifer and Satan? The difference is in us.

petak, 3. srpnja 2009.

Demonic Doctrine - Deity

Man made travesti of the gods. Divinity itself is infinite and eternal, the question that has long set is: What is the divinity that is the only correct. God is living everywhere, in us, apart from us, above us, below us, in our thoughts, etc. And that because we are that God. All the gods are the God, only that the names are different, the goal is one and the same but the paths to it are not. In Satanism, Satan is not a God. Satan is part of trinity which are three and not three but one, and are a god and are not a god. In Christianity Trinity or the Father Son and Holy Spirit, which together represent a force that is God, and also represent the three forces - those that are. In Satanism trinity are Lucifer, Satan and Demons, but does not represent a God but leads people to divinity. The divinity that we call Aloim. Aloim in translation from the kabbal just means God. According to some writings like this thing is going to start but I must emphasize that this is picturesquely expressed. Lucifer was the first of outlawed Angels and everything he ever wanted was to be equal to his God and not below it. Because of this, God cursed him to hell, and gave him a form which he must forever worn and by whom will always be remembered - form of the devil Satan. Lucifer really wants to get out out of this form and transfer the message to people to rebell and seek their place in eternity as a deity and not as those who constantly kneel. Since no one believes the Father of lies as called by his creator's he routes his messages to people through demons. In fact, in that Satan, Lucifer, Demons, gods are not greater than the people but are equal because Aloim is in everything and everything connected. What you see is only a solid substance, you should look deeper than that. As an established kind of thanks is adoration. Prayers and ceremonies in honor of Satan, Lucifer and the demons. Satanism is by that faith which teaches that the people are something more, that is a god, Aloim and that we all of are in fact one deity that is Aloim. God as a God is not needed to people, no matter the religion, nor Satan. What is most important to people is just themselves and then other people. Divinity is eternal and infinite it has no boundaries, therefore the laws that have been determined by people don't have to be complied, because how can someone say that in infinity and eternity are laws? If there are, that's not infinity.
If man is a God then it is very simple: Why do people need God? Because of the same reason we need life. Life is eternal, it has no borders, it is in us apart from us, above us, below us, on us. Everywhere. This something that is everywhere it's God, Aloim. What is the after life: exactly what we imagine.

Open letter

Open Letter
Mysterium Aloim is a Satanic organizations that have long years of operating successfully in the region of former Yugoslavia. In the beginning it was only for selected people, and hiding its existence. People who like to be introduced were so with exceptional caution for fear of exposure. How is the organization a little more bluming and developed, and after her leadership took over a priest named Father Marlus, where the leadership was waiting for him since his earlier days, because he was prepared for this role, he brought many changes. Most of the changes were made to better preserve anonymity of our priests and people, anonymity of our high priest and supreme. Also some of the changes were to come out from underground and publish the existence of us to people and to prepare to defend their beliefs. To protect the status of a priest which must learn and earn the calling for themselve. We made, what we announced that there are schools for the clergy, which lasted 4 years, for reasons that priests must have a large knowledge. Today we have an organization that respects life, living, freedom and tolerance and is proud to be called satanic because Satan is the symbol of absolute freedom, and freedom which to walk the trail that leads to perfection and knowledge of knowing that God is Aloim and that is what all that is and one, that all that exists in existence, and in our imagination is a living organism that we call Aloim but not one that can only define but also through his life know and feel.