petak, 3. srpnja 2009.

Demonic Doctrine - Deity

Man made travesti of the gods. Divinity itself is infinite and eternal, the question that has long set is: What is the divinity that is the only correct. God is living everywhere, in us, apart from us, above us, below us, in our thoughts, etc. And that because we are that God. All the gods are the God, only that the names are different, the goal is one and the same but the paths to it are not. In Satanism, Satan is not a God. Satan is part of trinity which are three and not three but one, and are a god and are not a god. In Christianity Trinity or the Father Son and Holy Spirit, which together represent a force that is God, and also represent the three forces - those that are. In Satanism trinity are Lucifer, Satan and Demons, but does not represent a God but leads people to divinity. The divinity that we call Aloim. Aloim in translation from the kabbal just means God. According to some writings like this thing is going to start but I must emphasize that this is picturesquely expressed. Lucifer was the first of outlawed Angels and everything he ever wanted was to be equal to his God and not below it. Because of this, God cursed him to hell, and gave him a form which he must forever worn and by whom will always be remembered - form of the devil Satan. Lucifer really wants to get out out of this form and transfer the message to people to rebell and seek their place in eternity as a deity and not as those who constantly kneel. Since no one believes the Father of lies as called by his creator's he routes his messages to people through demons. In fact, in that Satan, Lucifer, Demons, gods are not greater than the people but are equal because Aloim is in everything and everything connected. What you see is only a solid substance, you should look deeper than that. As an established kind of thanks is adoration. Prayers and ceremonies in honor of Satan, Lucifer and the demons. Satanism is by that faith which teaches that the people are something more, that is a god, Aloim and that we all of are in fact one deity that is Aloim. God as a God is not needed to people, no matter the religion, nor Satan. What is most important to people is just themselves and then other people. Divinity is eternal and infinite it has no boundaries, therefore the laws that have been determined by people don't have to be complied, because how can someone say that in infinity and eternity are laws? If there are, that's not infinity.
If man is a God then it is very simple: Why do people need God? Because of the same reason we need life. Life is eternal, it has no borders, it is in us apart from us, above us, below us, on us. Everywhere. This something that is everywhere it's God, Aloim. What is the after life: exactly what we imagine.

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