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Demonic Doctrine - Deity II

Usually people who study Catholic Bible primarily should learn Aramaic language and citations in its original language. Many of this work. The whole Bible was not until today decoded but what everyone agrees is that the wrongly translated. Lucifer is actually non-existent and will be imaginary. In the Bible the name Lucifer is mentioned only once. And yet came thousands and thousands of thesis about him. Today there are even churches in honor of him.
When the translation of the Bible began, it was from one language to another and from the second to the third and so on. And is normally much more wrong redirected. Some bible experts belive that the part in the Bible about Lucifer is not about Lucifer The Archangel but one fallen son of a king. Otherwise the king so loved his son, and had so much confidence in him that when the son lapsed, rebelled from his father and his wealth that he banished him from his Kingdom forever. Lucifer in translation means the one who brings light. The name of the king in the translation means morning star. A problems with the translation also apeared because the morning star comes with a person of Jesis Christ.
Satan in translation means adversary. Each mather in nature must have its anti-mather, so God has his own Anti-god. So Satan is actually the opposite of the god JHVH (Jehovah).
According the demonic doctrine parts about Satan, Lucifer and demons should not be taken litarally, but through learning, people can store the knowledge about them inside us and over the years and the experience can begin to understand the right meaning, similar as Gnosis.
The difference between all in this world is made by people, because of the way you relate to the unknown, when the unknown comes close to you. If people began to understand that everything is one, and the same idea, and that comes from the same source, things would begin to change. Demonic doctrine translates it in the sense that Lucifer, Satan and Demons are in fact one deity. The Catholic Church and many others to call it anti-deity, Antichrist. During years, good ideas has turned into something horribly which people began to fear, avoid, and ultimately destroy. This story is known is it not? Lucifer a beautiful angel who brings the light, turned into something very ugly in the absolute evil - Satan? So what is the difference between Lucifer and Satan? The difference is in us.

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