utorak, 9. ožujka 2010.


What exists, what we see and what we imagine is a part of what it is. Do you think that lies exist? They can not exist if one believes that they are true. Do you think that truth exists? The truth can not exist if someone believes that it is a lie. So everything that exists, everything that anyone even imagine, it simply is an exists. From this it follows that of what we can say, lies and truth is the truth and alo a lie. How then to understand what it is? Simply, what it is, is Unknown. Many have given it different names such as "Deity," "will," "Universe" or "matter", but whatever it is called it remains unknown. But what it is, is also called "Spirit," something that all people have within themselves, and if people can get an insight of their spirit then you are on the right path to understand all that there is.
Lucifer, Satan and Demons are only parts of the human imagination, but that imagination is what makes the fantasy real, that imagination makes us demons alive. From this it follows that hell that is also a part of human imagination, is actually a part of that what it Is. Those who wage a war against hell, wage a war against themselves and against reality.

Life is everywhere manifest in the three and they are thoughts, words and heart. Thoughts are mental part of life, words are part of the physical and spiritual part of life is the heart. Theese three connected represents the sol of life or Aloim. Demons, angels, deities and everything else there is, have this trinity of the soul as well as a people do. So the man who wants to know his own soul also must know its division of three, as wall as through angels and demons. The men who wants to know themselves it must be familiar with their demonic and angelic I.

ponedjeljak, 8. ožujka 2010.


Do not learn how to not make mistakes, but learn how to do less of them, it is in your nature to make mistakes. A smart man learns from his mistakes but a wise man learns from mistakes of others. Your society in which you are, made of you this: A person is one being and the people is an other being . When you're with other people you behave differently than when you are alone, you begin to ignore youre feelings and thoughts and words spoken while with others, often hurt somebody near you. When you are alone with the person that you hurt, you apoligize to him and feel remorse. Forgiveness for what you have done there exists only on human lips and does not exist on the higher level. But all of youre mistakes and misdeeds will be set straight one day.

The human soul is immortal and what makes a soul are your thoughts, words and heart. Thoughts are the cosmic part, the words physical and heart is emotional part of people. People lose their soul when one of these three (trinity of the soul) apart. When you do not say what you feel when you think what you do not speak when you feel and not think about it or do not speak or when you speak what you do not feel, etc, then the human soul is not complete and life becomes translucent.

Do not write too many laws for yourselves, but instead let the primary law be freedom and respect for all people and their freedom . And all else do if it has to be done, because nothing refrains you, the possibilities are endless and there are no limits.

The borders that you imagined around your countries has separated you not only socially but also emotionally. You have created racism, patriotism - which is not bad except when transformed into fascism and terrorism, or any human branch that supports interracial intolerance. You all are different only by skin color, language, appearance, or religion, but under the skin all have one thing in common, and it is the glow of life. In the demonic world, there are no borders, there are only four directions: east, west, north and south, and one that they are governed by. Their kings. All four kings have one ruler, the king of kings and therefore there is no quarrel between them even wars. Within the human race wars are waged over imaginary line on the map. Throughout history you have led thousands of wars, and have not yet learned that in war there are no winners, just the dead on the battlefield.

If you embrace destruction you embrace chaos. Chaos is self-destructive, which means that it eventually devour itself and disappears. After the chaos peace arises, but at what price? It is not true what has been said that there will be a war between good and evil, we do not want war.

What is good and what is evil, is specified by an individual, but only while on this world. The most honest thing to do about determining good and evil for the masses is looking at the issues through moral principles. They come from within and are the unwritten law. Even a small child feels what it should or should not do.

Fear of death has a great power. Those who are aware of this power have learned how to manipulate the masses. Similar to a religion. It teaches you through life that there is life after death and not one but two. One may will take you to hell the other to heaven. People hace accepted that it is so, you live in honesty and when you die, all weep for you Why are you crying for the dead if you know that theri is life after you die?. Do not mourn for the dead but celebrate their life because for the great plan, crying for the dead seems hypocritical.

A word to you men and women, when you look at the stars understand that you have something in common. Look at them a little better, one small and another larger, and what they have in common is their shine, the same is with all of you. You all just look differently, but all have the same shine that comes from a common light.

In the world there is another organism that acts as well as people. So, you come to one habitat, you multiply and use all the resources of the habitat, but it is so used up that it is impossible to live there any longer. While you are using all the resources, you reproduce even more, and when all the goods are used so that they no longer exist, you go to a different habitat and do the same.The organism in nature, which also acts like people is a virus. Be careful because Aloim is mother nature, and when she starts to see you as viruses, she will strike back and destroy you. Life will continue without people, life is still most important. Life does not dwelli only inside people but also in all around them.

You can not see life with your eyes, they see only the consequences of life. As you watch the wind as it rises the waves and and swings the branches of the trees, you do not see the wind but one of its consequences. To see the life you have to learn to watch with your heart.

Do not be afraid to get even with someone in this life. If someone has done something wrong to you, you have the right to revenge, do not turn the other cheek, revenge is an act of justice and justice is Aloim.

srijeda, 16. prosinca 2009.


The Principle of Aloim has always been unknown. Even now, while it is being read about the Aloim, it still remains a mystery. To come nearer to the principle of Aloim, you must become awere of your actions and try to remember your life's dream, because today, unfortunately people are not aware of what they do and are forgetting their dreams or do not have it at all. Without a dream a men and women are sad.

You people often pretend to understand much of it, while actually it is not true. You are used to same course events, so when something happens unexpectedly, you conceal the fact that you know nothing about it and all because of You beeing pretentious. You must learn to expect the unexpected and learn about that which is unknown, regardless of where the knowledge comes from.

Aloim is difficult to grasp, and knowledge begins to fade away that moment, when you start to believe how that knowledge is impossible. Faith is the most important way to Aloim, it is more important than religion, so do not believe religions and their fathers, believe in yourself.

You say that it is difficult to be independent. And why must it be so? Who in this world can adjudicate dependency? No one, except for you to yourselves. But still, those few to which independence is a virtue, they are called outcasts and become dismissed from the society, is this not a little selfish? Because, however, these independent people have the right ideas and they have lives that many want to have, so much that they envy them. And exactly this envy is why they are being dismissed from others, and it only shows human platitude. Platitude because of which they despise people who are different, who are not like the rest of the world and who are not like you. And in the world there is no person which is the same as another person. The beauty of people is in human diversity, and the ugliness of people is in classification of other people in groups. Understand that all of you sre one group and one life, one that breathes with the same lungs, speaks with one language and think with one mind. Billions of people of this world are actually one life.
Ideas of those of independent people, those that have been rejected, often become revolutionary, but only after their lives and for their time they are often considerd to be criminal. Isn’t it funny? Anyways, who are you to judge someone's passion for life? And when these people, dismissed from life because of their desire for independence, fail, or their life on earth ends, often their death goes unnoticed or their entire life as well. And while they were alive, other would say that their sufferings are miserable, pale and that they wanted to die. But they are not miserable or pale, you see, independence is a virtue, and as such you must accept it. And when you see a person suffering regardless of how much he is different from you, it is wise and noble to provide him help, even if it was not requested.
After the completion of their life, remember them, remember all those who are long gone to another world and celebrate their lives. And remember, Aloim is also justice that balances everything, which means that the virtue of independence which you mock can cross on to your descendants and than the person you have rejected because of his choice, perhaps you will meet him one day in the eyes of your children. So beware, that which you hate and avoid your entire life can become a life path of your own offsprings, therefore learn to forget how to hate people and especially to forget hating them because they are different. It has been told: "Do not look with your eyes bur look with your heart." But again, it is your decision and do remember that Aloim is justice, and Aloim is everywhere and in everything.

If you try to hit the sky with a stick, eventually the sky will start to cry. You think it will not? Try it… Take the stick and however you know try to hit it. Once you gave up, when you throw away the stick, and you start to curse everything you have done, it will begin to cry, only because you have finally dropped from him and gave up. It is the same with faith and when you hit it. It feel good to it, the same as it feels good to the God that you hate. You curse him, and spit on him and it all does Him good because it is youre hatred for him that keeps him alive. If you want him to burst into tears, than simply give up on him, do not swear him, spit him, call him out or hate him or send anything negative into his direction. Just give up on him and slowly he will fall into oblivion. If you want to rise yourself into his place, than enthrone yourself to the divine. Even when you strike or curse yourself, it's better than to give up on yourself. But also beware if you strike other people, they can also strike you back

nedjelja, 6. rujna 2009.

Demonic Doctrine

Satanic Prophecy

Water. Lake of fire. It has been said that in the lake of fire, the souls are suffering beyond imagination for all times. It has been said that the fire can be avoided only by those who believe, and those others which are the majority are condemned to endless lake of fire. But what if all those souls in hell empower themsellves so much that they can escape it? Has it been said what then?? They say that it is impossible, that the one who send them there will never atone them no mather how much they repent for their sins. If that is so, is God than a tyrant? Or perhaps he is the devil? No, the point is much different.
If you want to predict the future of a civilization, you must look in the past, if you want to know how your civilization will end, you must see how ended the civilization before you. But if there is just one thing you can all agree to is that your civilization will come to an end, only the question is when? And that will be sooner than you think. Religions. They were the key to all of civilization, they were that one thing that marked them, and all of them are gone and today are considered obsolete and unnecessary. What is the ruling religion today? What religion has marked this age? If you look at the stars, you'll see that from the zero-year you swim with the fish. Pisces is the sign of the most strongest religion today. But the time passes, more precisely in the year of 2150, when you enter the water. So, until now, you swam on dry and nothing was good, and soonl the fish will enter into the water and everything will be changed. (The time of Aquarius)
Water. A symbol of connectivity, if you put your finger in the sea, you are connected to the entire world. If you become a drop of water, you have became the entire ocean. We are watching your kind, and we say to you, if you want to be perfected to the deity, you must accept the way to the water. For in water, all are one, and as such have no quarrel, no wars, no intolerance and racism, becoming open to a universal understanding, that which has no borders, you remove the possibility of prejudice and learn to respect all life. If they say to you that you will end up in the lake of fire, say "FINE", in hell as a drop of water, drop by drop, until the lake of fire does not estinguishe until the water prevails and flods hell, water from which life springs. You people evolve into internal development, regardless of how evil you have done to the world and on the world. But to enlighten yourselves and stop doing what you are doing, you have to drink from the source of life, you have to unite with everyone and then in the world of countless souls which acts as a one soul, then, the borders are disappearing and man becomes God.
There will not be a need for religion and the material will be pressed out of satisfactions and needs. The only religion that will be is I, and the because that I will be ALL, religion will be US. And only when all people become one, the development of human kind will be something wonderful.

srijeda, 5. kolovoza 2009.

Demonic Doctrine

All of you scientists, philosophers, thinkers and poets, all of you who know so nice to talk about love, you really know about it at nothing. You priests, who claim that love should be because of God and for God and that God is the right love, you know nothing. Do not seek for love because of God, but look for love without conditions. Love is not blind, it does not have eyes. She is such by birth, and eyes are not in its physical form so it is the crazy to claim that she is blind. Those who claim that love is blind, are blind in love. She does not see physics, exceeds all that is naturally and normally and goes into the paranormal and the abnormal, it does not see gender, but the heart, it does not look over the borders of the earth, but resides in the whole of living and in the whole of life. You are not even suposed to speak of love because words for it do not exist, so stop pretending to know something about it, because you do not know nothing, what is most important for love is that she knows about you.

You have condemned us daemons in darkness, where you have settled us, and did you ever wonder if we want to be in that abyss? Trust us when we say that what resides in the abyss has only one purpose, namely to exit it. Because of the power of people is exceedingly great, she is so strong that she can comndemn the gods of old to eternal darkness, and that is what you have made with us demons. Condemned to eternal darkness, cold and loneliness, never getting to know the warmth of each other, the light of existence, the equality of all. Only darkness. People, you have the strength to save us from the darkness, you have the strength to bring the light to us, and to yourselves. Imagine that all of us exit the darkness, what kind of a world would it be? Would then the fear of darkness still exist? Or fear of demons? Would you even be able to fear? The one fear that exists in you but you do not know what it is that you actually fear. Sometimes we were so wonderful, all a part of a collective, and now so ugly, dismissed in our bleak kingdoms in which we reign only shadows. Listen a little closer ... Doesen't our destiny remind you of yours? Are you not the ones living in darkness because of someone else's choice and not by your own ? How much light is there in your life? But you can have as many as you like, you only need to exit from the darkness with the help of others, you only need to understand that darkness is not the place for anyone and do not damn enyone into darkness. Do not write anyone off, do not accuse, do not judge any one, and their light will be your light. Today, those who have condemned us in darkness, have booked a place for themselves, for that day when we exit from it. But evolution goes on and we do not want to return to the past and serve this vicious circle, we want you to learn from our exit from the darkness, not to send anyone any more in it. Blessed are those who have not chosen sides, blessed are our brothers who have not wanted to go to battle, but they chose neutrality, if there weren't for them, this book would not be, because they are the guardians of all sides of people and demons, for they are those who watch silently, watch and do not act, look and learn. This book is their day of age, their legacy to the world, the key to our exit and salvation. The key to our exit is understanding and acceptance of life, of Aloim, key to your departure from the darkness is understanding and acceptance of life, of Aloim.

See just how your theoretic world affect your life. Imagination that you bring up as a childe, how much can affect your adult and old age. Što je zapravo taj vas unutarnji svijet maste? What is the inner world of your imagination? Is it really only a fragment of your imagination or a place in which your soul rests? If it is a place in which your soul is, then your soul goes back into this place, and lives after this life and that is Aloim. She is not an escape from reality in that you flee when you most need it, but a teachers from a higher reality to which you strive. Therefore, do not dream dark and morbid, because then you are creating your whole world such as that, dark and morbid. Imagine of light and beautiful world where you can ride the clouds and dive in the deepest depths, imagine about the world in which nothing is not hidden, because it's the world you are preparing for the life beyond and that is why your imagination affects you so much. Your imagination is to blame for our sendings in darkness, you've sent us over there, by your imagination you can also deliver us from there, as well as yourselves. Countless imagination of infinity in an infinity which connects them is Aloim. Countless people that imagine on this wonderful world, it is the arrival of paradise, the coming of Aloim.

Serve the truth and you hate lies, serve to lies, and you hate the truth. Lie can affect catastrophically on your life, and one lie invokes another, the second third, third fourth, and so on until people are filled with lies, all until that lie becomes a true in your world and imagination. Then everything that can come out from people are only lies, because if people nurture lies for years and has plenty of it or just it, what else can come out from those people? And if you still nurture zhose lies so far more that it can not no longer fit inside, it will explode, and this explosion will influence others around you, and they become dead to them, no one and nothing.
If you nurture the truth, you become immovable, the doors of truth are in you, so do not search for the truth elsewhere, but begin from yourself. By lies, you only block the path to these doors, and to knowing yourselves. Know that the truth is your biggest ally, with her on your side, you do not have to fear nothing and your conscience is always clear.

You allow other people to complain about your nature and you allow them to think about it for you, they do it by creating many religious laws of which they claim are dogmatic, that they are correct, and while those laws can not be accepted by your body heart and mind. Rebel against those rules and not against the people. For though many of these rules are actually asking you not to be in accordance with your nature, and the observance of such rules is a rebellion against your nature.

ponedjeljak, 3. kolovoza 2009.

Demonic Doctrine

Every day, when you awaken, you are beeing reborned. Every day, start from scratch, as if you are no one and nothing, build on it until the late evening, and when you are at the peak of your fame go and rest. No one starts from the top of the pyramid, everybody starts from the bottom. You have to start from the bottom, study the path which you walk , studie the pyramid from all its sides, and the outside of it.Study the view that you can see from the place where you are. When you learn everything in one part of the route, you move up and so to the very top. Someone will say, "So i can start from the very top, i jump to it from the air, but what if you miss? You fall to the bottom never to rise again. If you rise the pyramid slowly, focusing on your way, you are moving by a safe way so when you come at the top, then you are ready to rest. Demons look to you people how you are trying in vain to start your journey from the very top of the pyramid, but now ask yourselves: So where next? The only thing you can is to slip and fall to the very bottom. People are self-centered as regards this, consider that you do not have to pass a long and arduous journey towards the top of the pyramid of life, that you can have anything you wish. We now say, may have everything only those who climb to the top from the very bottom. And when you get to the top, you can see everything! Than the last thing to do is to die in peace, with the memories of the passed time and let the top of the pyramid for someone else. So you build your lives from the moment of your birth, and if you want a full and successful life, build each of your days as so, from dawn to dusk, from zero to the top.

Throughout the millenniums we are watching your one mistake, which you constantly repeate. You put your religion ahead of everything, even in front of your faith. You listen to, and follow the rules of religion as a basic principle of life and thus denie your inner thoughts. Do not allow religion to have the first place of your lives. Into that place put your life, put yourselves! If you have choseen a religion that suits you, but you do not meet some certain rules, change them, worship in yourselves, in your way that you think is the best for you. For if that religion believes in the infinite and almighty God, who is the Creator of all, who creates out of nothing, if your your personal opinions are fair, moral and follow direction of truth and justice, in that God there is a place for your opinions and who in this world can say the opposite, that you are a misbeliever? If your faith is sincere, than nobody can! Do not be afraid to break the rules of religion if you think that is so properly and in accordance with your feelings, do not fear the hell fires, because all the rules about religion, about hell and heaven have been created by the human brain, the soft mass that is located in their skulls. Not one person in this world can not tell you how to feel at a time, what to fear in a given day, how to behave on a given day, what to eat and drink and what not to and how or in which ways to love. That you can say only you and no one else. So feel free to go in step with your feelings and your thinkings and put them in the direction of truth and justice. Religion is not the most important, the most important is you.

nedjelja, 2. kolovoza 2009.

Demonic Doctrine

Can you judge Gods? You Can! By the works that the people who believe in them have made. Trial of the gods can sometimes be necessary, because who can judge them except the people? You should also judge Satan and all the devils and demons, everything malevolent should be judged, everything that is made in their name. Mudar ce shvatiti da sudjenjem bogovima, sudimo covjecanstvo. Wise will understand that whaen you judge the gods, you judge all of mankind.

Two human traits that have been taken for granted that you are not even aware of are the essence of your beeing and the way. Many of you are not aware of its existence or your beeing, and a lot of you does not have their path planned. And when you know your path and where you go, you do not know how much easier it is for your soul. It is necessary to take only one small moment in the day in which you try to develop the necessary internal feeling of your existence to eventually acknowledge your life goals. People who have absolutely determined way of life, are able to recall their future. In this lies providence.

Do not look for a paradise in heaven. Paradise has always been on the earth, in you, in all that you touch, see and feel, behind each of your spoken words, and each of your works. In addition to your every thought and every sensation. Paradise has always been inside of you, you just need to know how to open yourselves to it and find a way to excavate it ga from deep within yourself and let yourselves to it. In our language, paradise is Aloim.