nedjelja, 2. kolovoza 2009.

Demonic Doctrine

Can you judge Gods? You Can! By the works that the people who believe in them have made. Trial of the gods can sometimes be necessary, because who can judge them except the people? You should also judge Satan and all the devils and demons, everything malevolent should be judged, everything that is made in their name. Mudar ce shvatiti da sudjenjem bogovima, sudimo covjecanstvo. Wise will understand that whaen you judge the gods, you judge all of mankind.

Two human traits that have been taken for granted that you are not even aware of are the essence of your beeing and the way. Many of you are not aware of its existence or your beeing, and a lot of you does not have their path planned. And when you know your path and where you go, you do not know how much easier it is for your soul. It is necessary to take only one small moment in the day in which you try to develop the necessary internal feeling of your existence to eventually acknowledge your life goals. People who have absolutely determined way of life, are able to recall their future. In this lies providence.

Do not look for a paradise in heaven. Paradise has always been on the earth, in you, in all that you touch, see and feel, behind each of your spoken words, and each of your works. In addition to your every thought and every sensation. Paradise has always been inside of you, you just need to know how to open yourselves to it and find a way to excavate it ga from deep within yourself and let yourselves to it. In our language, paradise is Aloim.

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