subota, 25. srpnja 2009.

Demonic Doctrine

One of the goals of life is to be torned off from the lies that propagate the religion, because it will cost to pay your travel paths. Ways you are living, select on your own do not listen to an imaginary religions and their false gods. Find God in yourself. Aloim.

It is known that the man lived for another thousand years before the formation of religion. What today they teach is that the people of that age lived under the rule of Satan praying to the pagan gods. This is of course a pure lie and something that historically can not be true. How then could reign Satan when it was not known, nor his name? And later it was the pagan gods dispelled in demonic and that is the work of human hands and false teaching.

When you take an imaginary deity, it manages your life and your emotions, tells you how to behave, how to speak and think as to what that holy, what and when to eat and how to, and in which quantities, and the later reign your instinct. Here is a man totally trapped and not more in touch with oneself. People, break the chains of false gods, learn yourselves, and get control over your lives.

When you keep repeating your mistakes, you are gradually beeing separated from yourselves so that your mistakes and sins become the curtain that separates you from your soul and only in such moments a man wants to find God and that is wrong! Just then a man should begin to seek himself.

Throught many years, aloim has become little bit near to human knowledge. In every generation, someone is born, who without any trouble can reach up to the earlier set of borders and move them. You call them saints, prophets, magi, and other names. They teached about Aloim but only under a new name and the rules that were later set to come, after their death, were put by people who saw in them the benefit of their targeted groups of people. Here we come to the greed. Pohlepa je snazna i mocna sila koja navodi ljude da cine stvari koje im nisu uvijek po volji. Greed is a strong and powerful force which makes people do the things that they are not always pleased with. Things that are equivalent to sin.

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