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Demonic Doctrine

The greatest most heroic act, is to fight and suffer for your faith or belief, but if it does not deviate from justice, the human soul in this moment laughs at death.

If you feel your soul and believe that it is in your body, then point her life towards to the existence of spiritual health so that you could be able to find eternal life in Aloim. And if your life was in accordance with Aloim you can grow spiritually, and at the time of death you can comprehand community with Aloim.

If you like to dress according to the historic and true godliness, then Satan must be understood as metafore of evil which are made by the people or historically as the angel who is near God, because in the past even before Christ, Satan was so. That which led Satan to the throne of evil, darkness and hell are just people and your polluted evolution of religion.

If you learn to live in accordance with Aloim, understanding and feeling it; and feeling the connectivity of all people and knowing that all that exists is one, meens that you have the necessary wisdom and knowledge to teach your children the spiritual ways and not as slaves of the material world. Because materialism starts from when you are little and then it develops. As your children grow up you need to learn them how not to be reigned by the material world in entirely. People must be moderate in him. By moderate indulgence of physical sensations, you are also indulging your spiritual sensations. Excessive indulgence leeds to social and spiritual decadence. But always keep in mind that the material world is transient, and the spiritual world is eternal. If you subordinate your body to the strict obedience to Aloim, in time you will start to understand that Aloim manages your body, because the body is controled by your spirit, and Aloim is also the human spirit.

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