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Demonic Doctrine

Through the demonic possessions, demons have throughout the centuries brought knowledge to people. Demonic possessions in this modern era are considerably reduced, for their mediation is no longer needed, because people do exactly what they wanted you to do, and we even went a step forward and retrieve their role in the world.

Modern technology, medicine, astronomy, physics and other scientific fields, once they were shown as a doctrine that demons bring unto the world. Thus, in the demonology every demon lords his own world, starting from demon to demon, feelings of various sciences, those are the deeds that people took over from the demons, thus there is no longer a need for that kind of deity. Reading about the social order of demons, their management, work and knowledge, all things that demons had, you can learne that today we have just the same.

Men have groan to deity and became God, just as it was told to happen in many books. Going into the future, because people's love for the material, you made a mistake by going back to the past, far beyond in the past where we were managed by our primordial instinct, and by that act you have forgotten about your spirituality and your soul.

Instead of walking your way through to its finish, people run to it blindly, even when asome of that „runners“ looses their sou on the way they do not notice or just don't care for it, so then, just an empty and dry body continues to run away, to enjoy all that it can meet on that road. Empty and dry easily breaks and falls into oblivion. We have renounced the gods and made a mistake, however, the deity is necessary for men. Now, in order to save us we need knowledge t but not about the world, that we have plenty, and what we don't have will come to us eventualy. We need to have the knowledge of our souls, we should know about ourselves.

We are here. Watching you since your birth, we know what you want even when you do not want it and many times you do not want something just because somone else demands it from you. And what are you afraid of? And the second is similar to you, you are of the same kind so don't you want the same things that he or she also wants? Don't be afraid of anyone, except yourself, your life is your life and no one has the right to take it away, except yourselves. Also, the way that you can take life, you can give life as well

Creation is something you learn your entire life, and what about destruction? Well, that is something you are born with. Destruction is strong because the power is yours by birth, and age gives it it's strength. It is up to you to learn through life to turn the power of destruction into the power of creation, so your creations will be heavenly.

If you create life bless it or give it to priest for blessing. A blessing is as follows:
Take it in your hands, you or a priest, and let theese words be spoken:
I call upon the wind of a demon Pymon to bless this unconscious mind.
His blessing is the hand of the light bringer, may it bring light to every life.

Take care of the priests, they are your path to us, to deity.
A priest is also this little hack, and keep close to you what he wrote, believe it and do not doubt it, for what is written comes from us.
A priest will be the first to give life for you.
A priest would not lie to you, he will not hurt you or offend you.
A priest will not eat nor drink nor sleep while your soul is not with peace.
A priest can not ask for anything in return.
A priest can not say no to anyone, never.
A priest knows compassion but only for the living and not for the dead. The Dead come second.
A priest admits all the names and can not see colors or labels.
A priest is not bigger than you, he goes where you can not, but he goes for you.
Do not judge the priest for his mistakes, he can not judge you.
A priest is also a human, his golden rule is to never give up on you.
A priest is your weapon, which is fighting for you, but you also have to fight for him.
A priest will never come first to you, you must get to him.
A priest must give you the most holy in humans: thoughts, words and heart. If you give them the same you will achieve unity with him and do not worry; against you, he can never use your knowledge. Otherwise hi or she is no longer a priest.
A priest can not share your thoughts with anyone.
A priest you use as they are your home

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