utorak, 9. ožujka 2010.


What exists, what we see and what we imagine is a part of what it is. Do you think that lies exist? They can not exist if one believes that they are true. Do you think that truth exists? The truth can not exist if someone believes that it is a lie. So everything that exists, everything that anyone even imagine, it simply is an exists. From this it follows that of what we can say, lies and truth is the truth and alo a lie. How then to understand what it is? Simply, what it is, is Unknown. Many have given it different names such as "Deity," "will," "Universe" or "matter", but whatever it is called it remains unknown. But what it is, is also called "Spirit," something that all people have within themselves, and if people can get an insight of their spirit then you are on the right path to understand all that there is.
Lucifer, Satan and Demons are only parts of the human imagination, but that imagination is what makes the fantasy real, that imagination makes us demons alive. From this it follows that hell that is also a part of human imagination, is actually a part of that what it Is. Those who wage a war against hell, wage a war against themselves and against reality.

Life is everywhere manifest in the three and they are thoughts, words and heart. Thoughts are mental part of life, words are part of the physical and spiritual part of life is the heart. Theese three connected represents the sol of life or Aloim. Demons, angels, deities and everything else there is, have this trinity of the soul as well as a people do. So the man who wants to know his own soul also must know its division of three, as wall as through angels and demons. The men who wants to know themselves it must be familiar with their demonic and angelic I.

ponedjeljak, 8. ožujka 2010.


Do not learn how to not make mistakes, but learn how to do less of them, it is in your nature to make mistakes. A smart man learns from his mistakes but a wise man learns from mistakes of others. Your society in which you are, made of you this: A person is one being and the people is an other being . When you're with other people you behave differently than when you are alone, you begin to ignore youre feelings and thoughts and words spoken while with others, often hurt somebody near you. When you are alone with the person that you hurt, you apoligize to him and feel remorse. Forgiveness for what you have done there exists only on human lips and does not exist on the higher level. But all of youre mistakes and misdeeds will be set straight one day.

The human soul is immortal and what makes a soul are your thoughts, words and heart. Thoughts are the cosmic part, the words physical and heart is emotional part of people. People lose their soul when one of these three (trinity of the soul) apart. When you do not say what you feel when you think what you do not speak when you feel and not think about it or do not speak or when you speak what you do not feel, etc, then the human soul is not complete and life becomes translucent.

Do not write too many laws for yourselves, but instead let the primary law be freedom and respect for all people and their freedom . And all else do if it has to be done, because nothing refrains you, the possibilities are endless and there are no limits.

The borders that you imagined around your countries has separated you not only socially but also emotionally. You have created racism, patriotism - which is not bad except when transformed into fascism and terrorism, or any human branch that supports interracial intolerance. You all are different only by skin color, language, appearance, or religion, but under the skin all have one thing in common, and it is the glow of life. In the demonic world, there are no borders, there are only four directions: east, west, north and south, and one that they are governed by. Their kings. All four kings have one ruler, the king of kings and therefore there is no quarrel between them even wars. Within the human race wars are waged over imaginary line on the map. Throughout history you have led thousands of wars, and have not yet learned that in war there are no winners, just the dead on the battlefield.

If you embrace destruction you embrace chaos. Chaos is self-destructive, which means that it eventually devour itself and disappears. After the chaos peace arises, but at what price? It is not true what has been said that there will be a war between good and evil, we do not want war.

What is good and what is evil, is specified by an individual, but only while on this world. The most honest thing to do about determining good and evil for the masses is looking at the issues through moral principles. They come from within and are the unwritten law. Even a small child feels what it should or should not do.

Fear of death has a great power. Those who are aware of this power have learned how to manipulate the masses. Similar to a religion. It teaches you through life that there is life after death and not one but two. One may will take you to hell the other to heaven. People hace accepted that it is so, you live in honesty and when you die, all weep for you Why are you crying for the dead if you know that theri is life after you die?. Do not mourn for the dead but celebrate their life because for the great plan, crying for the dead seems hypocritical.

A word to you men and women, when you look at the stars understand that you have something in common. Look at them a little better, one small and another larger, and what they have in common is their shine, the same is with all of you. You all just look differently, but all have the same shine that comes from a common light.

In the world there is another organism that acts as well as people. So, you come to one habitat, you multiply and use all the resources of the habitat, but it is so used up that it is impossible to live there any longer. While you are using all the resources, you reproduce even more, and when all the goods are used so that they no longer exist, you go to a different habitat and do the same.The organism in nature, which also acts like people is a virus. Be careful because Aloim is mother nature, and when she starts to see you as viruses, she will strike back and destroy you. Life will continue without people, life is still most important. Life does not dwelli only inside people but also in all around them.

You can not see life with your eyes, they see only the consequences of life. As you watch the wind as it rises the waves and and swings the branches of the trees, you do not see the wind but one of its consequences. To see the life you have to learn to watch with your heart.

Do not be afraid to get even with someone in this life. If someone has done something wrong to you, you have the right to revenge, do not turn the other cheek, revenge is an act of justice and justice is Aloim.