srijeda, 16. prosinca 2009.


The Principle of Aloim has always been unknown. Even now, while it is being read about the Aloim, it still remains a mystery. To come nearer to the principle of Aloim, you must become awere of your actions and try to remember your life's dream, because today, unfortunately people are not aware of what they do and are forgetting their dreams or do not have it at all. Without a dream a men and women are sad.

You people often pretend to understand much of it, while actually it is not true. You are used to same course events, so when something happens unexpectedly, you conceal the fact that you know nothing about it and all because of You beeing pretentious. You must learn to expect the unexpected and learn about that which is unknown, regardless of where the knowledge comes from.

Aloim is difficult to grasp, and knowledge begins to fade away that moment, when you start to believe how that knowledge is impossible. Faith is the most important way to Aloim, it is more important than religion, so do not believe religions and their fathers, believe in yourself.

You say that it is difficult to be independent. And why must it be so? Who in this world can adjudicate dependency? No one, except for you to yourselves. But still, those few to which independence is a virtue, they are called outcasts and become dismissed from the society, is this not a little selfish? Because, however, these independent people have the right ideas and they have lives that many want to have, so much that they envy them. And exactly this envy is why they are being dismissed from others, and it only shows human platitude. Platitude because of which they despise people who are different, who are not like the rest of the world and who are not like you. And in the world there is no person which is the same as another person. The beauty of people is in human diversity, and the ugliness of people is in classification of other people in groups. Understand that all of you sre one group and one life, one that breathes with the same lungs, speaks with one language and think with one mind. Billions of people of this world are actually one life.
Ideas of those of independent people, those that have been rejected, often become revolutionary, but only after their lives and for their time they are often considerd to be criminal. Isn’t it funny? Anyways, who are you to judge someone's passion for life? And when these people, dismissed from life because of their desire for independence, fail, or their life on earth ends, often their death goes unnoticed or their entire life as well. And while they were alive, other would say that their sufferings are miserable, pale and that they wanted to die. But they are not miserable or pale, you see, independence is a virtue, and as such you must accept it. And when you see a person suffering regardless of how much he is different from you, it is wise and noble to provide him help, even if it was not requested.
After the completion of their life, remember them, remember all those who are long gone to another world and celebrate their lives. And remember, Aloim is also justice that balances everything, which means that the virtue of independence which you mock can cross on to your descendants and than the person you have rejected because of his choice, perhaps you will meet him one day in the eyes of your children. So beware, that which you hate and avoid your entire life can become a life path of your own offsprings, therefore learn to forget how to hate people and especially to forget hating them because they are different. It has been told: "Do not look with your eyes bur look with your heart." But again, it is your decision and do remember that Aloim is justice, and Aloim is everywhere and in everything.

If you try to hit the sky with a stick, eventually the sky will start to cry. You think it will not? Try it… Take the stick and however you know try to hit it. Once you gave up, when you throw away the stick, and you start to curse everything you have done, it will begin to cry, only because you have finally dropped from him and gave up. It is the same with faith and when you hit it. It feel good to it, the same as it feels good to the God that you hate. You curse him, and spit on him and it all does Him good because it is youre hatred for him that keeps him alive. If you want him to burst into tears, than simply give up on him, do not swear him, spit him, call him out or hate him or send anything negative into his direction. Just give up on him and slowly he will fall into oblivion. If you want to rise yourself into his place, than enthrone yourself to the divine. Even when you strike or curse yourself, it's better than to give up on yourself. But also beware if you strike other people, they can also strike you back