ponedjeljak, 3. kolovoza 2009.

Demonic Doctrine

Every day, when you awaken, you are beeing reborned. Every day, start from scratch, as if you are no one and nothing, build on it until the late evening, and when you are at the peak of your fame go and rest. No one starts from the top of the pyramid, everybody starts from the bottom. You have to start from the bottom, study the path which you walk , studie the pyramid from all its sides, and the outside of it.Study the view that you can see from the place where you are. When you learn everything in one part of the route, you move up and so to the very top. Someone will say, "So i can start from the very top, i jump to it from the air, but what if you miss? You fall to the bottom never to rise again. If you rise the pyramid slowly, focusing on your way, you are moving by a safe way so when you come at the top, then you are ready to rest. Demons look to you people how you are trying in vain to start your journey from the very top of the pyramid, but now ask yourselves: So where next? The only thing you can is to slip and fall to the very bottom. People are self-centered as regards this, consider that you do not have to pass a long and arduous journey towards the top of the pyramid of life, that you can have anything you wish. We now say, may have everything only those who climb to the top from the very bottom. And when you get to the top, you can see everything! Than the last thing to do is to die in peace, with the memories of the passed time and let the top of the pyramid for someone else. So you build your lives from the moment of your birth, and if you want a full and successful life, build each of your days as so, from dawn to dusk, from zero to the top.

Throughout the millenniums we are watching your one mistake, which you constantly repeate. You put your religion ahead of everything, even in front of your faith. You listen to, and follow the rules of religion as a basic principle of life and thus denie your inner thoughts. Do not allow religion to have the first place of your lives. Into that place put your life, put yourselves! If you have choseen a religion that suits you, but you do not meet some certain rules, change them, worship in yourselves, in your way that you think is the best for you. For if that religion believes in the infinite and almighty God, who is the Creator of all, who creates out of nothing, if your your personal opinions are fair, moral and follow direction of truth and justice, in that God there is a place for your opinions and who in this world can say the opposite, that you are a misbeliever? If your faith is sincere, than nobody can! Do not be afraid to break the rules of religion if you think that is so properly and in accordance with your feelings, do not fear the hell fires, because all the rules about religion, about hell and heaven have been created by the human brain, the soft mass that is located in their skulls. Not one person in this world can not tell you how to feel at a time, what to fear in a given day, how to behave on a given day, what to eat and drink and what not to and how or in which ways to love. That you can say only you and no one else. So feel free to go in step with your feelings and your thinkings and put them in the direction of truth and justice. Religion is not the most important, the most important is you.

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