srijeda, 5. kolovoza 2009.

Demonic Doctrine

All of you scientists, philosophers, thinkers and poets, all of you who know so nice to talk about love, you really know about it at nothing. You priests, who claim that love should be because of God and for God and that God is the right love, you know nothing. Do not seek for love because of God, but look for love without conditions. Love is not blind, it does not have eyes. She is such by birth, and eyes are not in its physical form so it is the crazy to claim that she is blind. Those who claim that love is blind, are blind in love. She does not see physics, exceeds all that is naturally and normally and goes into the paranormal and the abnormal, it does not see gender, but the heart, it does not look over the borders of the earth, but resides in the whole of living and in the whole of life. You are not even suposed to speak of love because words for it do not exist, so stop pretending to know something about it, because you do not know nothing, what is most important for love is that she knows about you.

You have condemned us daemons in darkness, where you have settled us, and did you ever wonder if we want to be in that abyss? Trust us when we say that what resides in the abyss has only one purpose, namely to exit it. Because of the power of people is exceedingly great, she is so strong that she can comndemn the gods of old to eternal darkness, and that is what you have made with us demons. Condemned to eternal darkness, cold and loneliness, never getting to know the warmth of each other, the light of existence, the equality of all. Only darkness. People, you have the strength to save us from the darkness, you have the strength to bring the light to us, and to yourselves. Imagine that all of us exit the darkness, what kind of a world would it be? Would then the fear of darkness still exist? Or fear of demons? Would you even be able to fear? The one fear that exists in you but you do not know what it is that you actually fear. Sometimes we were so wonderful, all a part of a collective, and now so ugly, dismissed in our bleak kingdoms in which we reign only shadows. Listen a little closer ... Doesen't our destiny remind you of yours? Are you not the ones living in darkness because of someone else's choice and not by your own ? How much light is there in your life? But you can have as many as you like, you only need to exit from the darkness with the help of others, you only need to understand that darkness is not the place for anyone and do not damn enyone into darkness. Do not write anyone off, do not accuse, do not judge any one, and their light will be your light. Today, those who have condemned us in darkness, have booked a place for themselves, for that day when we exit from it. But evolution goes on and we do not want to return to the past and serve this vicious circle, we want you to learn from our exit from the darkness, not to send anyone any more in it. Blessed are those who have not chosen sides, blessed are our brothers who have not wanted to go to battle, but they chose neutrality, if there weren't for them, this book would not be, because they are the guardians of all sides of people and demons, for they are those who watch silently, watch and do not act, look and learn. This book is their day of age, their legacy to the world, the key to our exit and salvation. The key to our exit is understanding and acceptance of life, of Aloim, key to your departure from the darkness is understanding and acceptance of life, of Aloim.

See just how your theoretic world affect your life. Imagination that you bring up as a childe, how much can affect your adult and old age. Što je zapravo taj vas unutarnji svijet maste? What is the inner world of your imagination? Is it really only a fragment of your imagination or a place in which your soul rests? If it is a place in which your soul is, then your soul goes back into this place, and lives after this life and that is Aloim. She is not an escape from reality in that you flee when you most need it, but a teachers from a higher reality to which you strive. Therefore, do not dream dark and morbid, because then you are creating your whole world such as that, dark and morbid. Imagine of light and beautiful world where you can ride the clouds and dive in the deepest depths, imagine about the world in which nothing is not hidden, because it's the world you are preparing for the life beyond and that is why your imagination affects you so much. Your imagination is to blame for our sendings in darkness, you've sent us over there, by your imagination you can also deliver us from there, as well as yourselves. Countless imagination of infinity in an infinity which connects them is Aloim. Countless people that imagine on this wonderful world, it is the arrival of paradise, the coming of Aloim.

Serve the truth and you hate lies, serve to lies, and you hate the truth. Lie can affect catastrophically on your life, and one lie invokes another, the second third, third fourth, and so on until people are filled with lies, all until that lie becomes a true in your world and imagination. Then everything that can come out from people are only lies, because if people nurture lies for years and has plenty of it or just it, what else can come out from those people? And if you still nurture zhose lies so far more that it can not no longer fit inside, it will explode, and this explosion will influence others around you, and they become dead to them, no one and nothing.
If you nurture the truth, you become immovable, the doors of truth are in you, so do not search for the truth elsewhere, but begin from yourself. By lies, you only block the path to these doors, and to knowing yourselves. Know that the truth is your biggest ally, with her on your side, you do not have to fear nothing and your conscience is always clear.

You allow other people to complain about your nature and you allow them to think about it for you, they do it by creating many religious laws of which they claim are dogmatic, that they are correct, and while those laws can not be accepted by your body heart and mind. Rebel against those rules and not against the people. For though many of these rules are actually asking you not to be in accordance with your nature, and the observance of such rules is a rebellion against your nature.

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