utorak, 9. ožujka 2010.


What exists, what we see and what we imagine is a part of what it is. Do you think that lies exist? They can not exist if one believes that they are true. Do you think that truth exists? The truth can not exist if someone believes that it is a lie. So everything that exists, everything that anyone even imagine, it simply is an exists. From this it follows that of what we can say, lies and truth is the truth and alo a lie. How then to understand what it is? Simply, what it is, is Unknown. Many have given it different names such as "Deity," "will," "Universe" or "matter", but whatever it is called it remains unknown. But what it is, is also called "Spirit," something that all people have within themselves, and if people can get an insight of their spirit then you are on the right path to understand all that there is.
Lucifer, Satan and Demons are only parts of the human imagination, but that imagination is what makes the fantasy real, that imagination makes us demons alive. From this it follows that hell that is also a part of human imagination, is actually a part of that what it Is. Those who wage a war against hell, wage a war against themselves and against reality.

Life is everywhere manifest in the three and they are thoughts, words and heart. Thoughts are mental part of life, words are part of the physical and spiritual part of life is the heart. Theese three connected represents the sol of life or Aloim. Demons, angels, deities and everything else there is, have this trinity of the soul as well as a people do. So the man who wants to know his own soul also must know its division of three, as wall as through angels and demons. The men who wants to know themselves it must be familiar with their demonic and angelic I.

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