nedjelja, 6. rujna 2009.

Demonic Doctrine

Satanic Prophecy

Water. Lake of fire. It has been said that in the lake of fire, the souls are suffering beyond imagination for all times. It has been said that the fire can be avoided only by those who believe, and those others which are the majority are condemned to endless lake of fire. But what if all those souls in hell empower themsellves so much that they can escape it? Has it been said what then?? They say that it is impossible, that the one who send them there will never atone them no mather how much they repent for their sins. If that is so, is God than a tyrant? Or perhaps he is the devil? No, the point is much different.
If you want to predict the future of a civilization, you must look in the past, if you want to know how your civilization will end, you must see how ended the civilization before you. But if there is just one thing you can all agree to is that your civilization will come to an end, only the question is when? And that will be sooner than you think. Religions. They were the key to all of civilization, they were that one thing that marked them, and all of them are gone and today are considered obsolete and unnecessary. What is the ruling religion today? What religion has marked this age? If you look at the stars, you'll see that from the zero-year you swim with the fish. Pisces is the sign of the most strongest religion today. But the time passes, more precisely in the year of 2150, when you enter the water. So, until now, you swam on dry and nothing was good, and soonl the fish will enter into the water and everything will be changed. (The time of Aquarius)
Water. A symbol of connectivity, if you put your finger in the sea, you are connected to the entire world. If you become a drop of water, you have became the entire ocean. We are watching your kind, and we say to you, if you want to be perfected to the deity, you must accept the way to the water. For in water, all are one, and as such have no quarrel, no wars, no intolerance and racism, becoming open to a universal understanding, that which has no borders, you remove the possibility of prejudice and learn to respect all life. If they say to you that you will end up in the lake of fire, say "FINE", in hell as a drop of water, drop by drop, until the lake of fire does not estinguishe until the water prevails and flods hell, water from which life springs. You people evolve into internal development, regardless of how evil you have done to the world and on the world. But to enlighten yourselves and stop doing what you are doing, you have to drink from the source of life, you have to unite with everyone and then in the world of countless souls which acts as a one soul, then, the borders are disappearing and man becomes God.
There will not be a need for religion and the material will be pressed out of satisfactions and needs. The only religion that will be is I, and the because that I will be ALL, religion will be US. And only when all people become one, the development of human kind will be something wonderful.

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